2020 Global IBE & Metasearch Study

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and / or listen to our public webinar which was held on 9th of December 2020.


IBE  Questions  Answered

  • What are the decision-driving factors of hotels acquiring a new IBE?
  • How will new measures in customer relations management impact future IBE requirements?
  • How will hotel chain requirements change in order to meet evolving customer expectations?
  • Is metasearch really helping to increase conversion?
  • How do the offered solutions differ?
  • Which technology and integration challenges need to be resolved?
  • With the lines blurring between distribution/ IBE and CRM systems, which role-models will be challenged in the future?
  • Does a complex IBE really generate more revenue?


  • Detailed insights on market specifics, hotel chain needs, vendor developments, industry expert’s view points
  • Acknowledgement of the hotel IBE and Metasearch challenges and ideas to overcome these deficiencies
  • Identification of strategic issues related to IBE integration and Metasearch management
  • Information about sophisticated IBE requirements
  • Recognition of upcoming players providing a viable IBE and Metasearch solution
  • Strategic implications by region



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