Content Quality Assurance

Content Quality Assurance

MORE IN Content Quality Assurance

Good  conversion  requires  great  content

Are you struggling to keep your content management strategy up-to-date and your hotel information appealing? Refreshing content across all distribution channels is time consuming and often lacks prioritization. Our solution is CONTtest, an OTA and Metasearch Content Manager. This central content database distributes the right content to all your channels in a timely manner: CONTtest can even manage your chatbot content. Contact us to find out more.

In addition to this unique tool, h2c’s Content Quality Assurance services help solve any related content management issues. We offer one-time quality checks customized to your needs by analyzing all your electronic channels including OTAs, GDSs, CRSs and your  website. Benchmarking your hotel’s content across distribution channels provides actionable recommendations for content improvements, ensuring that unique content is assigned to your website.

Distribution  Options

Distribution Options

hotel  Content  optimization  goals

  • Increase of electronic bookings by providing clear and relevant content
  • Verification of correct content display and book-ability (across different customer segments and source markets)
  • Provision of the right information at the right time and place to differentiate your offer from others
  • Guarantee of consistent content across all distribution channels, making sure that the guests’ expectations are met

#DirectBookings  -  Using  Data  &  content  strategies  for  more  website  bookings

h2c teamed up with 80 DAYS to create a webinar covering different data and content strategies hoteliers can use in order to increase their website bookings.


Watch our webinar session with Birgit Haake, Revenue Management Specialist and gain insights on how to prepare your content for after COVID-19 and why hoteliers should focus on revenue management principles enabling a competitive advantage in the good times to come.


Listen to our webinar on content management where we discuss the challenges hotels face while working on their content on the website and the OTAs. We also offer possible solutions to avoid wrong guest expectations and thus reduce negative guest reviews.


Distribution Performance OptimizationThis optimization provides a quick and comprehensive overview of your hotel’s electronic sales performance.GDS Content OptimizationThis optimization maximises your GDS content quality, utilizing all (limited) GDS possibilities. GDS Rate OptimizationThis optimization confirms the availability of your negotiated consortia and corporate rates throughout the GDSs.OTA OptimizationThis optimization ensures a correct static content display on your most important OTA channels.



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