2019 Global CRM Study

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from the 20th of May 2020.



  • CRM is more than e-mail communication. With core functions normally exceeding hotel operations, marketing, sales and IT a holistic approach is required, but often perceived as difficult to implement.
  • Multiple platforms with different data silos lead to increased workloads, ineffective processes, less flexibility and higher costs.
  • Business intelligence is often insufficient because reporting is either not available and/or customization requires significant time and investment to implement.
  • Today’s customer journey offers many touchpoints where smart CRM can lead to increased conversion e.g., during a brand website booking. But personalized content is often not available.
  • In many cases, the depth of integration with corresponding systems (e.g., PMS, CRS and RMS) is not optimized for hotel chains.
  • A clear strategy definition and setting priorities for CRM roll-out are important. Hotel chains often struggle with the complexity of CRM projects.
  • Finding employees with the right skill-sets and CRM experience is not easy. Hence, CRM often falls back behind other urgent matters.



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