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Maintaining a large number of OTA extranets is very time-consuming; especially when the same content (hotel information) has to be filled out multiple times, depending on the OTA’s special requirements.

One of the most common error sources are changes in the hotel’s offerings such a as the addition of a new restaurant. In this case, the information is not updated on all OTAs (some OTAs are simply forgotten due to time constraints).

On another occasion, hotels only carry out extranet updates, but forget to verify changes on consumer facing OTA websites, where information might not be updated correctly.

Other issues that complicate maintaining correct content, for example, are a multitude of staff working on the same content updates, often resulting in inconsistencies. 

Benefits  of  Content  OPTIMIZATION:

  • Relevant hotel information is displayed across all OTAs, resulting in a consistent content distribution strategy, avoiding any guest confusion 
  • Regular content optimization can improve the hotel’s ranking on OTAs 


  • H2c’s CONTtest tool allows a single point of hotel content entry, which covers all criteria of more than 20 OTAs operating in Europe and the Middle East 
  • CONTtest compares the inserted hotel content with the data loaded on different OTAs
  • A detailed report on content error sources and error rates per OTA is provided to the hotel for the approval of changes
  • Content updates are made by h2c
  • Final implementation checks are carried out to make sure all information is implemented correctly


  • Detailed content optimization per OTA
  • Summary information, highlighting the total fulfilment score (ideally 100%)
  • Post-implementation check
  • Implementation of changes per OTA


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