As 25hours hotels is growing, we require technology that supports our strategy. With h2c, we were able to streamline our PMS (property management system) requirements and identify the optimal vendor company.

H2c is a valuable partner with an unbiased view of the industry. 

Lena Neitzel, Project Manager Hotelsoftware

As Revenue Manager now I can concentrate on analytics and do not spend time on online content updates. Efficient, professional, saving time.

Natalya Gavrilyuk, Revenue and Reservation Manager, Grand Hotel Europe

H2c has been instrumental in assisting us in optimizing our GDS return and we were able to identify some key CRS issues that needed to be addressed immediately. We were 100% satisfied with the services rendered and would highly recommend h2c to other hoteliers.

Tanja Headford-Arias, Corporate Revenue Manager

H2c has been a great help for citizenM in translating a creative concept towards professional bookers. We are very pleased with their assistance and expertise in all areas of hotel distribution, and can always count on a professional and thorough answer on the many questions we have.

Lennert de Jong, Director of Distribution & Business Development

This was the first time we decided to involve a consultancy company in an IBE vendor selection process. As we have been working with h2c for many years on several different fields of the digital landscape, there was no doubt, that h2c was the right partner to support the project.

Their experience helped a lot. They were very well prepared in terms of the criteria set, key players on the market, the evaluation process, as well as with respect to the whole project management including the presentation of the outcome to the management. As our friends at h2c have known Danubius Hotels for almost a decade now, the whole project was very smooth, we spoke the same language, they immediately anticipated our needs and therefore were able to customise the process to achieve our goal.

Zoltán Bogár, Group Director of Revenue Management and Distribution

The CRM project is very important for us in order to eliminate numerous data silos owing to DJH’s federal structure. That’s why we placed great value on working with a competent partner for supporting our RFP process. The entire tender was handled professionally by h2c which also handled the communications between the CRM providers and DJH. H2c’s support enabled us to use our own resources more effectively and focus on the content-related topics of CRM. We are convinced that an integrated CRM system will help DJH to bring personalized marketing campaigns to its members in a more targeted way, and thus reduce cost and increase revenue.

Nadine Schäfer, Teamlead Member Management

Our growth strategy called for focusing on a self-sufficient, simplified, and automated system landscape. In 2021, we therefore decided to invest in a holistic technology strategy, comprising of the following systems: CRS, business intelligence, channel management, website, booking engine and CRM. Since then, h2c has professionally stood by our side as a reliable partner. Thanks to h2c, the RFP process went smoothly as well as the flawless system implementation. The deep knowledge and understanding of Michaela Papenhoff and the outstanding project management skills of Christin Hänsel have made the difference for us as a medium-sized family-run hotel chain.

Maren Dragon, Vice President Marketing

The cooperation with h2c and its content management tool Conttessa is excellent. Platform usability is clear. Feedback and change log processing are quick. Also, the input for the hotel is good. I’m so glad that this service is available for the hotels!

Anna Nappert, Rooms Division Manager, Lindner Congress Hotel Cottbus

Our hotel display is impacted by frequent OTA extranet and OTA layout changes and therefore requires a high amount of content updates and loading of additional content. In order to keep our content fresh, we commissioned h2c to analyze and optimize our static and dynamic content displayed on OTAs and online tour operator sites. H2c’s checks identified key content issues which were corrected immediately by our team. We were fully satisfied with h2c’s clear recommendations and the entire OTA optimization process.

Monika Sand, Corporate Manager Revenue

Conttessa not only simplifies the content management of major partners, but also significantly improves content quality regarding completeness and timeliness of data. By continuous support of content specialists, process time efforts are considerably reduced for daily operations, and it is of great help for the responsible staff. Also connecting new distribution partner channels is quick and easy!

Oliver Stotz, Corporate Director Marketing & Distribution

H2c belongs to a rare type of consultants that really impact your organization. They are optimizing our strategies, business processes and technology, resulting in increased revenue for new and existing business. If you want to increase your profitability, they are the right choice.

Ninoslav Vidovic, Former Marketing and Sales Director

Before we started developing our mobile website, h2c supported us with valuable information and recommendations, which were all integrated into our planning process. With this, we gained more security in the conception phase and saved time.

Katrin Lindemann, Director Marketing

Working with h2c has streamlined our processes, and helped Penta Hotels in our goal to deliver an authentic guest experience consistently across the group. With the support of h2c, we have been able to accurately track and measure the KPI’s of each hotel in our brand, ensuring that all our guests are acknowledged and our brand reputation grows. Additional research topics provided by h2c have further aided Penta Hotels to deliver new innovations catered for the guest experience. Overall, the support received from h2c has allowed Penta Hotels to operate more efficiently and grow strategically.

Alex Montano, Corporate Operations Manager

Throughout several months, h2c has been providing us with operational and strategic support in the area of online reputation management. Our hotels are now very familiar with our ORM tool and know how they can successfully handle guest reviews on different online portals. Daily operations as well as the training of new staff members have been significantly simplified thanks to the ORM manual designed by h2c. 

Heiko Rieder, Vice President Revenue Management & Reservations at pentahotels

Conttessa simplifies the management of the content significantly for us. Instead of having to check each Extranet individually and on a regular basis, we now can manage everything with a single tool and automatically get updates if new criteria need to be checked. The timesaving aspect is crucial and content parity can be held without having to invest much effort. On top of that, the easy handling of the tool makes it immensely convenient, as we do not have time for complicated tools and processes in our busy work lives. We warmly recommend the Conttessa tool and are pleased with the friendly and professional service h2c offers.

Séverine Kaiser, E-Commerce Manager

The CRS project is an extremely important project for Rotana and it was essential for us to hire the services of h2c, one of the best consultants in this field. With h2c’s support we were able to manage the entire RFP process smoothly, allowing us to use our internal resources more effectively. Having an unbiased CRS specialist at our side enabled us to find the right system for Rotana. We are convinced that this decision will allow us to have the proper infrastructure to manage our booking channels and consequently increase revenues and profits for all our properties

Dominic Carr, Corporate Vice President Quality & Customer Service Excellence

Ralph Trustees (Athenaeum, Runnymede and The Grove, London) have been working with h2c for many years now and during this time we have received valuable support on a broad scope of distribution issues. H2c have conducted customized quality assurance audits, ranging from GDS and Internet distribution optimization, pricing and distribution strategies to implementation support services. Ralph Trustees have always been able to rely on h2c’s professional guidance to support our goal of an optimal presentation in all distribution channels.

Co-Chairman at Ralph Trustees Ltd.

Working with Conttessa for a year now as our central tool for handling content management have done a lot of benefits for us. TIME Hotels as multiple hotel properties was able to afford to save time since its one system application distributing to platforms whether it maybe a new information or amendment to load. As property content signifies a very sensitive and important role to online visibility and rankings, we have Conttessa as our solution to support us in maintaining accuracy, 100% score and even content parity as well. In timely situation like Covid-19, where a lot of changes is happening to OTA as to changes of requirement or guidelines, Conttessa team has always been there to remind us with new updates time to time and all we need to do is to do a one click and they do the rest of implementation and review needed. Indeed, a good helping hand and reliable content tool for hoteliers.

Eddie Ignatius, Corporate Director of Quality & Business Excellence


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