For many years, h2c has been supporting Phocuswright's syndicated market research and customized client projects on a global scale. Phocuswright is the travel industry research authority on how travelers, suppliers and intermediaries connect. Independent, rigorous and unbiased, Phocuswright fosters smart strategic planning, tactical decision-making and organizational effectiveness. and h2c partnered in 2020 in order to help educate the hospitality industry. Representing the change needed by the fragmented hotel and travel technology landscape, is a community of hospitality innovators ranging from hoteliers and hotel owners to industry students and technology providers. With the power of idea collaboration and shared knowledge with key stakeholders, game-changers, and industry influencers is a trusted go-to resource for neutral, ad-free hospitality technology content. The platform offers multimedia editorial-based content always with hotel technology at its core. Subscribers benefit from a wide range of educational content ranging from video interviews and podcasts with industry leaders, articles curated by industry experts, infographics, to live online think tanks, and more. 

HSMA Germany

HSMA provides a unique platform to hoteliers, vendors, industry experts and other stakeholders in the German-speaking hospitality industry. H2c is a member of HSMA Germany and regularly contributes to HSMA events such as Pricing and Distribution Days.


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