Website Usability Testing

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Offering website users an optimized and streamlined booking path is vital for achieving the desired conversion rates. With today’s possibilities e.g., converting meta-search users into direct bookers or OTA rate parity clauses becoming illegal, you need to make sure that your website’s usability is continuously optimized for ever increasing guest expectations.

In addition to expert reviews, insights from real website (test) users are vital to prioritize investments in website and IBE developments. H2c’s hotel website usability testing highlights strengths and weaknesses of the website in regards to ease of use and suitable, appealing content.

Improved website usability and content will drive conversions up and increase profitability.


  • In-depth analysis of each test person’s practical experience with the hotel website, Internet booking engine and Quick Booker
  • Straight-forward recommendations for improvements in the following areas
    • Navigation-logics, including tablet and mobile
    • Design/usability
    • Rich content e.g., destination content
    • Upselling features
    • General search functions e.g., for better orientation on the website


  • Development of a consumer questionnaire including various use cases
  • Use cases are set up to model a typical customer journey
  • Selection of test persons that fit the most typical guest profiles 
  • Supervision of users and questioning of their thoughts during the test procedure to capture initial challenges that could not otherwise be obtained via an anonymous “walk-through”
  • Summary of interview data, highlighting all crucial website improvement areas


  • Summary of test results and website performance 
  • Analysis of qualitative consumer research including screenshots and problem descriptions
  • Recommendations for hotel website optimization and implementation prioritization
  • Virtual conference to present results and recommendations


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