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Hotel Technology Strategy MORE IN Hotel Technology Strategy

Clear language for a clear vision

If you are looking for recognized industry experts in hotel distribution with insights on innovative technologies and trends, please consider engaging us for your next event! 

We frequently speak at industry events with a focus on:

  • Hotel content marketing
  • Strategic OTA management/channel management
  • Hotel social Media tactics
  • Hotel website best practices 
  • Distribution strategies of independent hotels 
  • Hotel PMS-CRS integration
  • Mobility requirements for today’s customers
  • Managing hotel distribution costs

HSMA eDay 2019 in Hamburg - Discussion panel on the topic CRM including Michaela Papenhoff

HSMA eDay 2019 in Hamburg - Michaela Papenhoff (Photo: HSMA Deutschland e.V.)

HICON 2018 in Milan - Interview with Michaela Papenhoff

Hicon 2018HICON 2018 in Milan - Michaela Papenhoff (Photo: HICON/Antonio Viscido)

HSMA eDay 2018 in Berlin with Michaela PapenhoffHSMA eDay 2018 in Berlin - Michaela Papenhoff © Baschi Bender

HSMA Festival 2017 - Friederike Winkowski
(Presentation extract available for download, please scroll down further)

Christin Haensel - ATM 2016Phocuswright Fast Track @ATM Dubai - Christin Hänsel

ITB Berlin 2016 - Michaela PapenhoffPhocuswright Fast Track @ITB Berlin - Michaela Papenhoff

HSMA eMarketing Day 2016 - Christin Haensel Copyright Andreas SchebestaHSMA eMarketing Day - Christin Hänsel © Andreas Schebestas
(Presentation extract available for download, please scroll down further)

HEDNA Barcelona 2015 Friederike WinkowskiHEDNA Barcelona - Friederike Winkowski

HSMA Pricing Distribution Day 2015 Michaela PapenhoffHSMA Pricing & Distribution Day - Michaela Papenhoff © Thomas Fedra

HSMA Pricing Distribution Day 2015 Christin HaenselHSMA Pricing & Distribution Day - Christin Hänsel © Thomas Fedra


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