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Customers are not only increasingly booking via their smartphones, but also demanding mobile hotel services throughout their entire journey. Mobile websites and/or apps provide seamless connectivity across platforms and devices. Among others, they are used as a digital concierge, mobile check-in, door opener, or for booking add-ons/deals based on geo-location. And mobile is not only assigned to large hotel chains like Starwood and Hilton – even small, independent hotels can afford mobile solutions. It is therefore mission critical for hotels to implement and manage a consistent, overall mobile marketing strategy across all customer touch points.


Mobile hotel website and IBE optimization is carried out using at least two different smartphone devices with different operating systems (iOS and Android; Blackberry OS on request).

H2c’s mobile website optimization features:

  • Mobile trends and a benchmark comparison of the hotel’s most important mobile website and features versus 2-3 competitors
  • Navigation/Usability optimization (case studies are based on targeted client groups e.g., business, conference and leisure guests)
  • Usability and Content optimization (ease of use test and sample checks of hotel content, destination content and visual content)
  • Personalization optimization (analysis of utilized personalization strategies e.g., cookie usage, login and CRM, as well as best practice examples)
  • Technical check including speed and SEO check e.g.,  loading times and browser availability


  • User performance report including recommendations
  • Examples of mobile website best practices and innovative features
  • Summary of action points including priority ranking
  • Conference call to discuss findings and questions


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