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Rapid developments and innovative features of online travel agency (OTA) websites stand in fierce competition with the hotelier’s Internet booking engine (IBE). Unique revenue generating capabilities and ease of use are key success factors for increasing IBE conversion rates. This expert review provides benchmark figures and industry best practices which are based on targeted customer group’s needs. To stand out from the crowd, a hotel must implement a smooth booking process that clearly shows customers the benefits of booking directly with the hotel versus OTAs. 

H2c can help you analyze conversion funnels, break-off points and KPIs, making sure your IBE investments are flowing in the right direction.


Competitive  Benchmark 

  • Comparison of most important metrics versus typical competitors (e.g., conversion rates, click-rates, and break-off points)

IBE  Usability  &  Functionality  OPTIMIZATION

  • General look & feel and overall layout and integration within the website
  • Usability optimization (user-friendliness and booking process logic with focus on revenue generating aspects such as upselling, ancillary sales, etc.)
  • Hotel booking engine content optimization (e.g. analysis of hotel descriptions, images, etc.)
  • Technical checks (e.g. hotel booking engine loading time and browser availability compared with industry standards/best practices)
  • Campaigns optimization (analysis of conversion funnels for specific campaigns)
  • Test booking and confirmation optimization

REVIEW  OF  Personalization  STRATEGIES

  • Expert review of current personalization features used on hotel booking engine e.g. customer login, cookies
  • Best Practice examples of personalized hotel booking engines
  • Booking path review, providing input for personalized content
  • Review of booking engine integration depth with existing CRS/PMS environment


  • Expert review and detailed analysis of Internet Booking Engine performance versus competitive set with respective screenshots 
  • Change request report for web agency, explaining recommendations, priorities and next steps
  • Conference call to present findings and discuss actions (webinar session)


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