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  • Managing hotel operations is the traditional role of the PMS while distribution, customer relationship management and pricing decisions are often organized via separate systems
  • Multiple platforms with different data silos lead to increased workloads, ineffective processes, less flexibility and higher costs
  • Business intelligence is often insufficient because reporting is either not available and/or customization requires significant time and investment to implement
  • Hotels pay for the whole product suite rather than what they really need
  • System updates can cause problems in daily operations, and support is often weak
  • In many cases, the depth of integration with corresponding systems (e.g., CRS, CRM, RMS) is not optimized for hotel chains
  • PMSs typically do not offer sophisticated Internet Booking Engine front ends, missing to push more direct bookings
  • PMS functionality is not always up-to-date with local (legal) requirements, taxes, payment options, languages, etc.

Key Research Insights

Benefits For Sponsors

  • Detailed insights on market specifics, hotel chain needs, industry expert’s view points and strategic implications by region
  • Acknowledgement of the hotels’ PMS challenges and their ideas to overcome these deficiencies
  • Identification of strategic issues related to system integration and silo management
  • Information about customer facing applications such as own Internet Booking Engine/mobile requirements
  • Recognition of upcoming players that hotel chains are considering as a viable PMS solution
  • Understand what kind of support is really required vs. nice-to-have
  • Identification of emerging players that hotel chains are considering for their future distribution solution

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