2023 Digital Hotel Operations Advancing the Customer Experience

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We are excited to announce our 2023 Study "Digital Hotel Operations Advancing the Customer Experience". Contact us to learn more about our upcoming study (methodology, benefits, global reach, etc.). We are looking forward to welcoming sponsors on board until end of April 2023. 


  • How can (automated) hotel operations better support improving the guests’ experience? 
  • What are the key criteria for selecting new systems, and what are the challenges of operations when implementing new technology? 
  • What operational tasks require development when serving the guest journey? 
  • What are the challenges and opportunities with selling extra services? 
  • What assistance is required to help hotel chains analyze and use the huge amounts of data? 
  • What innovations/automation would be most helpful for operations?
  • What payment processes must be put in place?
  • How can booking meetings and events become easier for guests and hoteliers alike?


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