2022 Hospitality Distribution Study

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  • What new ways of distribution management are required?
  • Is distribution management solely covered by the CRSs and CMs or are other systems required?
  • How seamless is the data flow between central distribution systems and other systems such as PMS, CRM, etc.?
  • With the ongoing change of channel shifts, what is the CRSs/ CMs core functionality?
  • Where is distribution management placed within the hotel chains’ tech stack?
  • What is the role of machine learning and AI in the data distribution process?
  • What are the CRSs’/ CMs main revenue generating channels and which ones are emerging? 
  • How can the user experience be enhanced to ease use of a CRS/ CM e.g., chain functionalities?
  • How can CRSs add value for pure play leisure hotel chains?
  • How are CRS/ CM IBEs positioned vs. their standalone IBE competitors?
  • Will the central distribution systems focus reside with (ARI) distribution, or will other content will be managed in the future?


  • Detailed insights on market specifics, hotel chain needs and industry viewpoints
  • Identification of typical CRS and distribution handling challenges including ideas to overcome these deficiencies
  • Description of today’s strategic issues
  • Recognition of innovative and upcoming solutions
  • Overview of actionable tasks for serving general, key market requirements
  • Strategic implications by region
  • Extensive promotional activities 


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