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Fast-paced developments and changing consumer behavior require continuous hotel website and Internet booking engine (IBE) optimization. Clear information and easy booking processes are key conversion drivers, which increase profitability. Expert reviews, including industry best practices and future technology/functionality requirements, provide guidelines how to improve the overall hotel website strategy by enhancing website usability, design and content.

Improved website usability and content will drive conversions up and increase profitability.


  • Benchmark comparison of the hotel vs. its competitors’ most important website features
  • Navigation/usability optimization (case studies are based on targeted client groups e.g., business, conference and leisure guests)
  • Descriptive content optimization (relevance, depth and structure of hotel and destination information)
  • Visual content optimization (images and videos)
  • Basic technical check (e.g., speed test and browser availability)
  • Personalization capabilities (analysis of utilized personalization strategies e.g., cookie usage, login and other CRM components)


  • Expert review including recommendations
  • Examples of best practices and innovative hotel website features
  • Summary of action points including priority ranking and respective screenshots
  • Conference call to discuss findings and Q&A
  • Detailed information on recommended changes for web agency


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