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Knowledge  fosters  innovation

Constantly changing hotel distribution and hotel online marketing as well as customer behavior are the driving forces for specialized training. Across all skill sets, all individuals should be aware of upcoming trends and be prepared for the resulting developments. Hoteliers must ensure sufficient qualification of their employees, making them true experts in their area of responsibility.

 In order to establish an up-to-date knowledge base, customized training sessions at different (basic and advanced) levels are required. Training programs are also an appropriate method of communicating corporate strategies and hotel standards to all stakeholders. Consequently, customized training inspires employees to excel in their area of expertise, whilst motivating a more collaborative work environment.


  • Customized training topics and scope, customized to your exact needs 
  • Better understanding of market trends, hotel distribution landscape and systems' functionalities improves your competitive advantage
  • Comprehensive knowledge of today’s customers’ needs, requirements and demands
  • Deeper insights on best practices and typical competitive strategies
  • More clarity on distribution cost structures and contract conditions
  • Analysis of potential pricing strategies
  • Identification of strategic distribution channel opportunities


Training TypesDepending on planned scope (number of hours or days), number of participants and their location as well as the training objective, several training types are can be offered.Training Topics Training content is always designed to meet the overall goals/objectives and budgets set by the hotel chain’s corporate office. Therefore, we usually customize our basic training standards towards your exact needs.

TIME Hotels' "Distribution Training 2018" in Dubai with Christin Hänsel

"Distribution Workshop" in Dubai with Christin Hänsel

"Next Generation Distribution Strategy" training with Christin Hänsel

h2c’s and IDeaS joint „Next Level in Revenue Management and Distribution” workshop in London

h2c’s and IDeaS joint "Next Level in Revenue Management and Distribution” workshop in Berlin

"Implementing Distribution Strategies Successfully" training with Friederike Winkowski

"Understanding and Steering Booking Behaviour" training with Friederike Winkowski


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