Areas of expertise

h2c services

Distribution Performance Optimization

We help you to optimize rate and content information throughout all relevant distribution channels.

GDS Content Optimization

We make sure your data, only visible for travel agencies and implants, is correct. Secure and increase your worldwide corporate traveler business.


Update your descriptive hotel information now by using only a single data base for managing all of your third party distribution channels: our easy-to-use static content management tool Conttessa.


Increase your team’s knowledge in hotel marketing, online sales and distribution either via personal training sessions or webinars – or both.


Identify market trends before others do and improve your competitive positioning. H2c's custom research provides more confidence to make those though decisions.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Support

Finding and selecting the most suitable IT service provider is complex. Our RFP methodology and specification standards clarify all questions that are essential for the decision-making process.

Project Support

Use our expert knowledge to increase your project success; our input of latest market trends is valuable while we are acting as your external project management team.

Website Optimization

Understand and employ key conversion drivers that generate more profitable bookings via your website.

GDS Secured Rates Optimization

Consortia and special negotiated rates are key search criteria in the GDSs and must be checked annually.

Website Usability Testing

Learn from real website users, supported by our experts to prioritize your investments.

Speaking Engagements

If you are looking for inspirational input from external experts, contact us to speak at your conference, board meeting presentations and other events.

Typical project flow

1. Kick-off call

Exchange of project goals, status-quo and methodology.

2. Conception

Conceptual phase includes design of documents e.g., vendor specifications.

3. Analysis

Compilation and evaluation of received documents e.g., functionality vs. cost.

4. Decision Making

Presentation of results, discussion of options and alignments.

5. Support

Post decision analysis alignments and ongoing support e.g., implementation checks.


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