The Misconception of OTA Content Scores

While h2c’s “Content Score” suggests that 24% of content requires improvement, the respective OTA Content Score can be at 100% at the same time, giving many hoteliers the impression that their content is perfect. This typical misconception is based on the OTAs’ scoring methods, which were designed to improve content quality in those areas with high customer attention during the shopping process. Therefore, OTA Content Sores only focus on a limited number of descriptive extranet fields; especially the number of images by category (e.g., exterior, rooms, bathroom, etc.) and image tagging is attributed the highest importance.  As a result, amenities and facilities fields are often left blank or wrong information on general hotel features are not updated.

Achieving a 100% OTA Content Score is just the first step towards superior content. For successfully managing Booking.com, Expedia’s and other OTA extranets,  hoteliers must fill in a massive amount of fields to set up a single property (e.g., two room types can easily lead to approx. 5,000 fields when working with 10 different OTAs and metasearch sites). But this is not a one-off task; content has to be updated regularly, which is often missed due to lacking resources.

Incorrect content nearly always has a negative impact on conversion rates. Other factors such as missing availability of room types, incorrect information of special room amenities, location, spa offerings, etc. can lead to lost bookings. One efficient way to check what guests are really looking for is to regularly monitor guest reviews. Based on their comments, OTA content should be updated. For adding or changing a feature/description, the hotelier is increasingly challenged by the time it takes, especially if the specific extranet menu is unclear. As OTA extranet functionalities are evolving towards those of a CRS, the more complex they become for hotelier to update them.

Even with an OTA Content Score of 100%, hoteliers must still ensure content is complete, correct and relevant for their customers. While it is the OTAs’ priority objective to drive conversion, yours should also be to keep guests satisfied – leading to better reviews.

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