Creating the Future of Hotel CRSs - Become a Sponsor of h2c’s Global CRS Study

For most hotels, regardless if chains or independents, connectivity to international distribution channels including the GDSs requires maintenance of some kind of Central Reservation System (CRS). Lines are blurring between suppliers of CRSs, Channel Managers and Internet Booking Engines.

Based on numerous RFPs conducted by h2c recently, CRS solutions only cover approximately two-thirds of the hotels’ requirements. Especially the depth of integration with systems including PMS, CRM, RMS and Content Management Systems (CMSs) is often insufficient. As opposed to using a single (central) database, hoteliers are often forced to maintain workarounds (associated with data replication) for properly connecting and managing all of their employed distribution channels. In fact, distribution requirements of resort hotels are rarely fulfilled because providers lack Direct Connects to tour operators and other online intermediaries besides missing functionalities that leisure hotels require. When it comes to direct bookings, the Internet Booking Engine (IBE) of a hotel stands in direct competition with those of OTAs for both standard and mobile versions, which necessitates continuous technology enhancements and requires steady innovation in terms of usability and design.

Hospitality distribution management has evolved to a day-to-day challenge: just now is the right time to bring hoteliers and tech providers together for creating more competitive and disruptive solutions.

H2c is launching a Global CRS Study in Q1 2017 to shed more light on the most pressing questions:

☑ What is the future role of the CRS?
☑ How will hotel system integration be defined?
☑ Which digital marketplace changes will influence the next CRS?
☑ Who are the emerging players in the tech arena?


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