What is Conttessa?

Consumer-facing content displays vary significantly by channel. And, in addition, frequent OTA extranet changes can also potentially offset hotel presentations. Our easy-to-use static content management tool was exactly designed in response to these hotel challenges. Descriptive hotel information updates (e.g., hotel facilities, standard policies, etc.) now only require a single database for managing all of your third party distribution, including OTA, meta search and review sites.

Quick and Simple Setup

Getting Conttessa started only requires the one-off mapping of channels and room types. Within the following onboarding check, Conttessa pulls data from all connected channels and compares the content. Incorrect information is automatically identified per criterion and reported to the hotel, enabling immediate content updates. Free-flow text fields and images (not managed via a data base) are manually updated by h2c’s content experts.

Fresh Content Scores!

Fresh content scores better OTA rankings – that’s what OTA Content Scores stand for. Here’s an example for its relevancy: If the opening times of the new hotel pool or restaurant have changed, then simply log in to Conttessa to update all selected distribution channels – this happens in one go, without requiring the hotel to log in to all employed extranets. If extranets change or add new content fields, Conttessa will alert you and highlight the new criteria.


Key Advantages

Unique Product

Fully unique product, enabling static content management for all employed channels via one central database

Saves Time to Market

Saves time to market for new hotel features and new OTA filter criteria (via alerts)

Frees up Resources

Frees up resources (less data loading and continuous data checking), which means hotel staff can dedicate more time to value-adding tasks

Avoids Data Errors

Avoids data errors: Content parity across channels makes sure that the guest’s expectations are met; and in retrospect, avoids negative guest reviews

Accurate Content

OTA search results are increasingly driven by Content Scores: Conttessa ensures instantly accurate content of high quality across channels and improves visibility (ranking)

Years of Experience

Conttessa builds on 15 years of experience in hotel chain content optimization worldwide, supported by an international network of industry professionals



Conttessa eases TIME Hotels’ content management process


Conttessa simplifies the management of the content significantly for us. Instead of having to check each Extranet individually and on a regular basis, we now can manage everything with a single tool and automatically get updates if new criteria need to be checked. 

Séverine Kaiser, E-Commerce Manager